Made in Oslo

Textile production was once a vital part of the industry in Oslo and Norway. That is now long gone. Instead, there is now a common understanding that large-scale textile production in a country like Norway is close to impossible.

At the same time, the textile industry is among the worst when it comes to enviroment and labour conditions.

With our Made in Oslo initiatives, we strive to challenge all of that.

Made in Grünerløkka

Made in Tøyen

Beanies in 80% Norwegian mohair wool and 20% merino, made in Grünerløkka in Oslo. Knitted by Farida and Susan.

Beanies, necks and headbands made with left over materials that otherwise would be thrown away. Sewn by Amina and Sarah.

Doesn't production in Oslo cost too much?

Well, it definitely costs more than in low-cost countries. We sell our products directly to you without intermediaries. This way, we and our seamstresses can keep enough money for things to go around. To make this possible, you have to pay a little more than you're probably used to, but we hope you see the value in our Made in Oslo initiatives.

Made in OsloCollective

Oslo was once known for it's production of food and clothing. This is now long gone, and we aren't the only ones who want to change that. So, we went together with a group of others that share the same simple ideas.